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Ayurveda & Food

The Basics of Ayurveda Cooking Explained & 28 Soul-nourishing Recipes

is your guide to inspire you to start cooking in an Ayurvedic way yourself - not only feeding the body, but nourishing the mind and soul as well. With a few tricks any kitchen can be turned into an Ayurvedic kitchen.

The recipes you’ll find here are easy to make and contain few ingredients. Just as life, food is at its best when its pure, easy and simple. Your being will thank you for it.

This e-book contains 85 pages of Ayurvedic Wisdom and is filled with:

  • The basics of Ayurvedic Cooking

  • Cooking with the season

  • The Basics of Nutrition

  • Basics on Food Combination

  • The Secret of Ayurvedic Eating

  • 28 Easy soul-nourishing plant based recipes 

  • Additoinal information on spices and herbs