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De Lieve Poep



In recent years we’ve seen more and more attention being directed towards the quality and quantity of the food we consume, which is great.  A substantially less popular topic seems to be how we return our meals to mother nature, once processed. In other words, we don’t like to talk s#*t.  


Over time, many modern societies have constructed a range of taboos around the subject, unlike communities following more holistic world views such as Ayurveda. There, people have been using elimination (pooping) as a primary source of information for diagnosing overall health, state of mind, immunity, and well-being for thousands of years.  

While western medicine has recognised the importance of the gut for quite some time now, few of us have incorporated ‘stool checks’ in our daily lives. That’s where Dear Poo Diary comes in!  

We encourage you to monitor the frequency, shape, consistency, smell, and colour of your stool on a daily basis. If you’re not used to looking back and saying hello, it might feel strange at first. However, there is no clearer reflection of your current personal health than what you leave behind in the toilet. 


Dear Poo Diary is your guide towards a healthy, stable digestive fire. It’s filled with everything you need to know to analyse and improve your elimination. 

We wish you lots of happy, healthy pooping!  

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Who we are

Hi there, We are Roos & Julia. We met each other in 2014 during our 200hr yoga teacher training at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam - we have been friends ever since! We are both very interested in yoga and natural health and at the moment we study at the Delight Academy to become Ayurvedic practitioners. During the lockdown here in the Netherlands we got the idea to make this calendar as we think it's time to break the #pootaboo and become more aware of our own health.