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Essence Mentorship

This mentorship is an invitation to meet your inner goddess to remember that your blood and your womb are sacred. Beloved sister you are the channel for creative energy, birth, a host for life and death, you are all of it! 

The Path

This is your call to remember your own nature - a call back home. 

This mentorship will be an intimate journey that spirals down into your heart, your womb, and your soul. Over the course of 3 moons we will closely work together, reinitiating into the path of your heart.


In this space we will embark on different pillars to work on all the layers within yourself. We will work form the gross towards the subtle. With an Ayurvedic approach we will first balance the body, mind and spirit and then journey through the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether

This is a program filled with shamanic rituals, meditations, ceremonies, movement, and integration time. 

Sensation is sacred, and when you are well established within yourself you can allow all sensations to move through you, saying yes to: the dark & the light, the grief & the joy, the high & the low. Participating with life fully!


The Pillars of the Mentorship


Opening Ceremony

Creating a safe container including rituals, meditations, intentions


Earth Element

Ground: Balancing body mind and spirit through Ayurvedic approach



Water Element

Flow: exercises working with the womb, connecting to your inner flow


Fire Element

Alchemize: exercises working with the heart, what do you desire


Air Element

Move: how can you bring this into life?


Ether Element

Embodiment: closing the ceremony, reflection, metamorphosis, manifesation


What you'll receive

  • 3 months guidance, 6 moons and 6 online sessions

  • Welcome's package, including Rose Moon Tincture, Yoni Steam Herbs, Ceremonial Cacao & more

  • 6 online moments 75min each including opening & closing ceremony​. Each session begins with a drop-in meditation, followed by a check-in with what’s alive. Depending on what’s needed, pracitces, rituals, meditations, guidance will be offered often concluding in embodied practice to integrate the teachings.

  • Working with psylocibine if interested

  • Bespoke embodiment practices aligning with your own codes and healing path

  • Re-balancing masculine/feminine energy & polarity work

  • The cyclical, feminine way of living & womb-work

  • The power of ritual, devotion, living in connection to the divine

  • Meditations, mantras

  • Connecting to nature, drumming & guided visual meditations

This is for you

the one who is ready to spiral to the deepest levels of her soul

  • Seeking a path to fully embody your nature

  • Searching to understand your unique constitution and receive the tools to balance body, mind and spirit through Ayurveda

  • Feeling the sacred desire for a life with deeper meaning and purpose

  • Wanting to connect to your feelings, heart and intuition

  • Honouring your own boundaries and communicating this with beloved ones

  • The call to learn the ancient and sacred teachings of the divine feminine 

  • The urge for a deeper connection to the divine feminine, the womb space

  • Committed to your own healing and experiencing that the healing power is within yourself

  • You want to learn more about sacred rituals


At Her First Bleeding A Woman Meets Her Power.
During Her Bleeding Years She Practices It.
At Menopause She Becomes It.

- Traditional Native American Saying -

Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 17.51_edited.jpg

Connect to your

creative center

Learn to sink into your root and connect to your womb space. Your womb is your creative center, which can unfold in various ways, writing, drawing, cooking, expressing body through movement, birth - limitless possibilittes  



your Gems

The more you progress on this journey the more you will step into your own power & learn to live from your own creative center. Being anchored & no longer distraced nor tempted by others around you


Sync with your

inner seasons

Women's are cyclical beings, not linear. Learn to align your actions to the phases of your cycle and step into your own power. The more you listen and honour your  womb the more you will experience flow and feel more aligned


Learn to express

from within

You will learn to read the signs and signals and there will be this deep urge rising from within that something wants to be expressed from deep within, which is 100% you. Following your calling, will empower you on your path


Body Work


From breathing exercises, awareness practices, movement assignments, yoni steams to writing assignments. Julia will set up an individual plan to guide you on your journey of re-membering your true nature. You are complete



Embody who you are

As you deepen your practice and your deep knowing you can fully rise and shine your light on others, inspire them on their path. Seeing their lights and their potentials too

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