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It’s time to have an honest conversation about poop.

Western societies are obsessed with what we put into our bodies. In the eighties, nineties, and early aughts it was all about fat-free, sugar-free, and carb-free diets. These were geared toward weight loss, even if they tried to maintain an illusion of health. Though fad diets haven’t gone away, we’ve gotten wiser as we’ve learned more about the gut and its relationship to our overall health.


In recent years, our attention has shifted toward the quality of our food and achieving balance in our diets. We’ve learned that what we eat impacts our gut, which impacts our brain as well as our waistline, which impacts how we feel mentally and physically. We’ve also learned that food, in combination with sleep, stress, and other lifestyle factors, can have a big effect on our inflammation levels, which can set off an epidemiological chain reaction. Basically, our gut health is the key to everything.


But how can we tell if our gut is healthy? That’s where poop—and the philosophy of Good Sh*t—comes in.

Poop is the most consistently reliable barometer of your overall health. The problem is that many of us were raised to do our business and flush the toilet as quickly as possible. That’s like deleting text messages without reading them. Our gut sends us regular reports about our health, but if we don’t read them because of shame—or don’t know how to read them out of ignorance—then we’re doing ourselves a disservice.

We understand the discomfort. Many Western societies have constructed a range of taboos on the subject of poop. If someone asks you how you’re feeling, it’s unlikely that you’d brag, “I’ve had a fantastic poop every morning for a week—thanks for asking!” But a week of good morning poops is a big victory! You might feel more comfortable telling your friends that you’re feeling happier, more energized, and more mentally alert without realizing that those positive updates are connected to your great morning poops. Making that connection is key, though. If you don’t know the underlying cause of your good—and bad—feelings and moods, then you’ll have a harder time replicating the good and controlling the bad.


We encourage you to adopt a holistic approach toward poop by telling you how to do it and how to observe it. We’ll ask you to do stool checks for a week to monitor how your poop looks now, without any lifestyle adjustments. You’ll learn how to monitor the frequency, shape, consistency, smell, and color of your stool on a daily basis….

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Who we are

Hi there, We are Roos & Julia. We met each other in 2014 during our 200hr yoga teacher training at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam - we have been friends ever since! We are both very interested in yoga and natural health and at the moment we study at the Delight Academy to become Ayurvedic practitioners. During the lockdown here in the Netherlands we got the idea to make this calendar as we think it's time to break the #pootaboo and become more aware of our own health.