Tripti Retreat 2019

1st Edition: January 11 - 13

2nd Edition October 11 - 13

 What people say

- Hannah - 

Thanks a lot for giving me the beautiful foundations to incorporate ayurveda into my life. You have made the start of this journey both delicious and fun!

- Maria - 

I had no extpectations of the retreat, and yet it exceeded all expectations! Beautiful space with beautiful energy!

- Imke - 

Thank you for the amazing weekend! You all three are so kind and helpful. And what i great food you cooked! I will miss that! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and the great yoga classes. I will definitely implement Ayurveda into my life!

- Helena - 

An amazing weekend filled with great people, food, yoga and insights. I now have the tools to start this exciting journey of balance through Ayurveda. Thank you ladies!

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