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Healing our Internal Masculine & Feminine Energies

Whether we identify with male or female gender, we are made of the masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang). It’s the concept of duality where the one nourishes the other and vice versa. We live in a very male driven society which has led to a domination of the wounded masculine and disrespect of the feminine. Sweet reminder we all have both regardless of gender!

Balancing these two energies is key to a more balanced and better world. Both energies have a healthy divine aspect and a wounded aspect.

Healthy divine aspect: shining light on what is unhealthy/ wounded. Alchemising this into healthy divine energy

Wounded aspect: led by ego, moving into pain, place of darkness and fear

It’s not about saying ‘no to the wounded male or female energies’ it’s about becoming aware of our unhealthy patterns, of our wounded self - so that we break the patterns of reacting and projecting them onto others. When we heal/balance the masculine & feminine energies within, there can be a divine union in relationship, where each feels safe, held in their highest potential, creating trust & deep intimacy.

Where do you see yourself? Where is there still some healing to do and where you can step into your divine energies and embody them.

There is nothing more attractive than a man embodied in the healthy, divine masculine.

The healthy/divine masculine:

  • He is deeply present and listens without being distracted

  • He doesn't judge

  • He creates a safe environment

  • He doesn't take things personally

  • He is a guiding force, supportive and encouraging

  • He has discipline and knows when to be focused

  • He is a man of his word, honest and accountable

  • He is humble

  • Has integrity

  • He is of service and does what is in the highest good

  • He is grounded

A woman, embodied in her healthy, divine feminine, attracts and is able to receive & hold such a man.

The healthy/divine feminine:

  • She is grounded, receptive, reflective

  • She has strong boundaries

  • She is gracious in her strength

  • She is loving, empathetic, compassionate and supportive

  • She knows how to ask for what she needs

  • She is vulnerable

  • She is authentic

  • She is not afraid to speak her heart and does so with no shame

  • She flows through life effortlessly

  • She knows how to surrender, be open and trusting

  • She is naturally intuitive and listens to her heart rather than her mind

  • She manifests and creates

  • She is confident in her body and with her femininity.

  • She exudes beautiful, sensual energy and attracts naturally,

The unhealthy/wounded feminine:

  • She is usually insecure and looks for external validation

  • She can be critical and her loved ones feel like they can never do anything right, because she always has something to criticize

  • She is needy in her relationships, she needs to feel loved and asks (begs) for it

  • She can't control her emotions

  • She tends to be manipulative

  • She is afraid of loss and is very attached (in an unhealthy, excessive way)

  • She over connects and over shares her emotions and needs

  • She is desperate for love and always chasing it

  • She feels like a victim

  • She sacrifices herself; she prioritizes others at her expense

  • She can come across as inauthentic

  • She has an unhealthy internal masculine: no boundaries or self control

The unhealthy/wounded masculine:

  • He is competitive and always wants to win

  • He is focused on goals and attached to success

  • He tends to avoid connection and can be cold and distant

  • He takes everything personally

  • He needs to be right

  • He fears failure

  • He defends himself, attacks, accuses

  • He sometimes runs away from love, withdraws, creates separation

  • He can be aggressive

  • He is critical and judgmental

  • He is narcissistic and selfish

  • He can't really, deeply listen to others

  • He is stuck in the mind

  • He isn't in touch with his emotions

  • He can have addictions to work, drugs, tv etc.

  • He has unhealthy internal feminine who is serious, rigid and controlling

I’ve been living in my wounded feminine for way too long! So no more!

Love we are a mirror, until we won’t heal, we will attract the same things over and over again. By saying ‘YES’ to this deep work you will attract ease and flow not only in your relationships, but also in your businesses.


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