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Healing our Internal Masculine & Feminine Energies

Whether we identify with male or female gender, we are made of the masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang). It’s the concept of duality where the one nourishes the other and vice versa. We live in a very male driven society which has led to a domination of the wounded masculine and disrespect of the feminine. Sweet reminder we all have both regardless of gender!

Balancing these two energies is key to a more balanced and better world. Both energies have a healthy divine aspect and a wounded aspect.

Healthy divine aspect: shining light on what is unhealthy/ wounded. Alchemising this into healthy divine energy

Wounded aspect: led by ego, moving into pain, place of darkness and fear

It’s not about saying ‘no to the wounded male or female energies’ it’s about becoming aware of our unhealthy patterns, of our wounded self - so that