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Deep Dive Package

€ 255,00Price
  • It's time to reclaim your birthright to be Whole again! We will begin this journey with an initial consultation, determining your consitution and what you can do on a daily basis to support yourself through lifestyle and diet. 

    The first month you are asked to commit to this advice to build a strong foundation. From there we are moving towards the more subtle aspects. Going into embodyment practices this might entail anything from: 

    • womb practices
    • pranayamas
    • mantras
    • herbs
    • dream journeys
    • manifestation
    • pelvic floor exercises
    • and much more...
    • Vegan Ayurvedic e-Cookbook (English or Dutch version)
    • Brochure on Diet & Lifestyle according to Ayurveda
    • Brochure embodying the feminine
    • Check in moments
    • Complete Ayurvedic assessment of your constitution (mind-body type)
    • An individualised well-being plan with tools supporting your journey for optimal health, vitality, ease and creativity in all aspects of your life
    • Giving you the tools to connect to your inner wisdom (your source) 
    • Learning to listen and to tap into your feminine energy
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