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Reclaiming your
birthright t
o wholeness


Studio Earth

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Julia is the founder of Studio Earth.

She is a certified Bodywork Professional, Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Mentor, Women’s Health Guide, Womb Wisdom Keeper, Yoga Nidra Teacher, Mindfulness Trainer and a Yoga Teacher. At Studio Earth she invites and encourages you to step into your power and to connect with your inner spark by remembering your source.


In her practice she focusses on guiding women through deep personal journeys. The sessions take a personalised holistic approach and they will entail anything from body work practices, food advice, mindful movement, lifestyle tips, herbal remedies, pranayamas to meditation. 


Through her own journey of healing from disturbed body-images and trauma she is driven to offer you the tools for healing and empowerment - fully embodying who you are.

“The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world.” ~ Starhawk​

Offerings to transform


Ancient wisdom inspired practices to drop out of the mind into your body - embodiment

This is your safe space to support you on your journey, showing up as you are allowing everything to be felt, the light & the dark, the high & the low, the joy & sadness, the raw untamed goddess you are. 

I surrender to the Divine flow,

With my body, heart and soul,

And I bow to Mother Earth,

And everything around me

I am my higher self


“I am so grateful for Julia's guidance. I had an irregular cycle for many many years and through the guidance and advice she gave me I finally got a regular menstruation again. After a couple of days I already noticed how powerful the change in food and lifestyle choices can have an effect on my energy level and mental wellbeing. ”

Jane C. 


A Letter to the Rising Woman 


She is leading….

...Everytime she walks away from a relationship that is putting out her flame

…Everytime a woman says no when it's uncomfortable to do so

…Everytime she listens to her intuition and acts accordingly

…Everytime a woman makes a choice that serves her highest good

…Everytime no matter how painful, she has the courage to start all over again

…Everytime a woman is slowing down, though people are pushing her to do more


Be powerful sister.

Continue to Rise

Continue to trust


In times when you forget your own strength, I will remind you to keep going.

When you think you are lost, I will help you find your way.

I will see your light when you are stuck in your shadow.

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