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The Power of Gentleness

Gentleness doesn't strive for improvement,

it's the power that can make you feel: everything is already good.

1 month container in December, 2 online seminars/ ceremonies, weekly assignments and 3 live days December 15/16/17 in Hierden, The Netherlands

In our modern world, the demands we place on ourselves are often excessive. We now present to you the profound power of gentleness, urging you to discover tranquility in the art of acceptance. It is within the realm of serenity, tenderness, and compassion that we open ourselves to the bestowal of life's treasures.


The Power of Gentleness

A co-creation with Gerline Hornsveld


Consciously crafting an intimate setting for a small group of women to have undivided attention in connecting with our gentleness.

Loving. Confrontational. With humor. Transformative. Profound. Tender. Empowering. Distinctive. Personal.


Online Seminars/ Ceremonies

Heart Opening

Womb Connection


3 live days including stay at the location

Blue Lotus and Sound Healing

supRISE Ceremony

Microdose Truffel Ceremoy

Rite of the Womb

Rose Medicine

Soft Breathwork

Live music



Microdose month

Moon Cycle Assignments and Teachings

Integration/ Meditation


€888,- excluding VAT


The Power of Gentleness

Embracing connection and flow:

Nurturing the Gentle Path

  • Finding safety within your body, allowing your heart to open with gentleness through practices like breathwork, meditation, pranayama & ceremeony

  • Discovering that your gentleness and vulnerability are your greatest strength

  • Learning how to bring your focus and loving attention to parts of yourself that have become hardened

  • Transformation through gentleness

  • More physical and inner tranquility

  • Connecting with your heart's desires

  • Experiencing a loving connection with your own body, thoughts, and emotions

  • Reclaiming your soft feminine power

  • Connecting with like-minded women

What you'll receive

  • 3 live days (including overnight stay)

  • Online opening ceremony/ seminar

  • Online closing ceremony/ seminar

  • 1 month of microdosing - including truffles

  • Microdosing Ceremony

  • Rose Medicine

  • Connecting with our womb space.

  • Gentle breathwork

  • Shared rooms (optional private room)

  • Soulfood

  • 1 month, weekly assignments 

  • Lasting transformation

  • Optional 1:1 coaching €95,- // 75 min.

Event Dates

  • December 15/ 16/ 17 , live retreat days​

  • 15 Dec. - 18:15/ 18:30 arrival 
    19:00 start
    17 Dec. - 15:00 end

Adres: Watervalweg 2, Hierden

Online Opening: 30 November: 20:00 - 21:30

Online Closing: 11 january: 20:00 - 21:30

Close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in and out. Connect with your heart. Do you feel that it's time?
We are guiding you with love, insights, and gentleness on this beautiful journey.



You, magnificent woman


Full of love

Full of strength

I see your struggles

With the world's expectations


I recognize what you seek

I understand your longing

You're seeking peace within yourself

But trapped in anticipation


You, magnificent woman


See how beautiful you are

How genuine

Learn to believe in yourself

Follow your unique path


You live intensely

Feel so deeply

Dare to build on that feeling

I truly believe in your strength

You can start trusting in it too


You, magnificent woman


Grant yourself this gift

This opportunity

Let's embark on this journey together

Toward serenity

Toward self-understanding

Toward balance

You are welcome with your gentle strength

We will be together embarking on a beautiful journey. We are looking forward to connecting with you in the power of gentleness. To meet you there.

Investment €888,- (Excl. VAT)

Ticket Sale will be generated through Into your Magic by Gerline Hornsveld the co-creator

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