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An Introduction to Modern Ayurveda

€ 10,00Price
  • You are just getting started with Ayurveda?

    This 28 pages booklet is your guide towards the basics of Ayurveda. Packed with many tips on how to apply it into your daily life. 

    It contains the following topics: 

    • History of Ayurveda
    • The Four Aims of Life
    • The 5 great elements (in and outside of us)
    • The 20 Gunas
    • The Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha
    • For every single Dosha:
      • Characteristics, Traits
      • Signs of balance and imbalance
      • How to balance: through diet & lifestyle

    Enjoy reading! and let me know if you need some guidance diving deeper into the world of Ayurveda

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