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Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana derives from Sanskrit: ‘Nadi’ means Channel and ‘Shodhana’ means purification. Nadi Shodhana is also often referred to alternate Nostril Breathing. It is a powerful Pranayama which purifies the subtle channels of the mind-body organism and balances male & female energies. The right nostril is referred to as the Solar (male) channel whereas the left one is referred to as the Lunar (female) channel.

It is important to start inhaling at the left nostril and also finish on the left. This calms down the nervous system as the lunar channel will get more activated. Moon/ lunar qualities are stability, intuition, reception, humbleness, compassion and introspective; whereas sun/ solar qualities are active, radiant, projective, outgoing, extrovert and strength. 

Nadi Shodhana Pacifies All Three Doshas And Has Many Benefits:

  • oxygenates the whole body

  • releases and clears out toxins

  • calms down the nervous system