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The Divine Feminine

She is the essence of fierce grace, compassionate strength, and wise truth. All things are birthed, transitioned into death and reborn again within her primordial heart of darkness. She is the the eternal web of the grandmothers weaving life into existence and the space between the threads of life. She is the cyclical womb of creation.

Regardless our gender, she lives within each of us. If we embrace the divine feminine within us we treat our bodies as temples - an act of devotion towards ourself. The more we honour our bodies the more we deepen our relationship with Mother Earth, for we are her.

Embracing the divine feminine connects us to the sacredness on Earth - resonating and vibrating with her.

  • She is the air we breathe,

  • She Is the liquids within our bodies

  • She Is the minerals in the earth

  • She Is the fire our eternal flame within our souls igniting the truth of who we are

  • She Is the sacred silence for the light to flow within and through

Opening up to all she has to offer, to the sacredness will allow us to unlock this wisdom within ourselves, to see that everything is interconnected.

How to Honour Her?

  • By honouring our menstrual cycles: aligning to our inner seasons and doing so in our communities, places of work, intimate relationships. Being aware of the cycle of birthing, creating and dying a woman goes through each month. If there isn’t a menstrual cycle anymore, then honouring the phases of the moon.

  • By honouring our temples: treating our physical health with a desire for wholeness. This also leads back to our relationships with friends and intimacy, who do we allow in? The more we respect and honour ourselves the more we will honour our ‘NO’s’

  • By honouring our intuitive knowing: speaking and sharing from our heart, from our wombs, allowing the wisdom to flow through us.

  • By honouring the moon and her cycles: recognising how the moon’s energy and phases connect with our menstruation cycles and with our lives.

  • By honouring our ancestors: whose blood flows in our bones and have given us life. Our mother’s lineage connects us with our inner creative power, and our father’s lineage connects us with our soul-purpose.

  • By honouring the mystery of the unknown: surrendering to the void, the unknown. From silent spaciousness the mystical spiritual experience is born

  • By honouring the sacred union of the divine feminine with the divine masculine: To bridge the divine feminine with the divine masculine to to create the wholeness of sacred union within our lives. We need them both the activation and the being part.

Beautiful woman, may this be an inspiration for you to deepen your communion with mother Earth, with your self and all sentient beings.


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