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Vastu Shastra

Updated: May 14, 2020

Vastu Shastra - Looking at the Sacred Chamber ✧

Ever heard of it? It literally means ‘the science of construction or architecture’. Ayurveda embraces different components of health such as: nutrition, hygiene, lifestyle and exercise. It also encompasses the more subtle aspects of life as for instance the spaces we dwell in. Vastu can be referred to as the Indian Feng Shui, trying to harmonise nature within the space we work and live. 

It focusses on bringing balance to the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Vastu can be very complex as for instance looking at how you assign the living space according to the Doshic constitution. But today I’d like to give you some simple hands-on tips focusing on your sacred sleeping chamber, which can be implemented by anyone right away :)

  1. Keep the space light, airy and clean. Try to keep the room well oxygenated, so open the windows. Avoid heavy or dark curtains to wake with the sunlight.

  2. De-clutter. Try not to have things lying around, which remind you of to-do lists or your work. So no laptops, no stacks of papers. So keep the room clean and orderly.

  3. Avoid screens. Televisions are OFF the table. Technologies increase restlessness in the body and mind. Your chamber should be used for slowing down, rewinding, relaxing, recharging - sleeping.

  4. Media-free zone. Especially in times like these we are bombarded by updates through media. Try to stay away from media after 6pm. This will only lead to more worrying and anxiety. 

  5. Preferably get your self an old-fashioned alarm or a wake-up light, I’m using this one. That way you don’t need to use your phone as an alarm and you can charge it in the living room. Try not to overheat the room, keep the temperatures pleasant and mild. Especially when you are of a Vata nature, feeling cold can already trigger insomnia. 

  6. Avoid heavy incense over fresh aromatic ones such as: lavender, jasmine and rose. 

  7. Have a nice inspirational, spiritual novel on your dresser. Take the time to read a bit before going to bed. 

  8. How is the quality of your bed and your sheets? Are the sheets fresh and of natural organic fibers? Is the mattress comfortable? 

  9. Say a little prayer before going to bed or simply end the days with a few thinks you are grateful fore

Nighty Night

Sleep Well



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