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About Studio Earth

This is your safe ground, your space for the modern spiritual women to practice embodiment, ritual, self empowering and healing.

Studio Earth is a coaching practice facilitating 1:1 sessions, online programs, articles and much more. It follows a holistic approach considering all aspects body, mind and spirit.

My mission is to empower women to let them feel whole again. I deeply believe that every single one of us has a gift and through my sessions I want to empower you to come back to your nature, remember who you are. So that you can show up fully in this world and be your most authentic self. Every single one of us has a gift and love it’s time to allow this to come through you.


I will help you to be the most raw, authentic self - embodying it all: the grief, the sadness, the joy, the pleasure, the hope, the anger…. Through own experiences and deep transformational journeys I have learnt that only when we say yes to all of it, we can be our most authentic self, becoming this radiant being as we are moved by our passion.


My journey began in early 2009, when I decided to move from Berlin to Amsterdam. Since then I have been focussing on personal development, curious to dive deeper to get to my own truth and taking off the layers. Below you find a list of trainings/ courses and certifications. 


  • Integrative Pelvic Health & Female Embodiment Facilitator

  • Ayurveda and Women's Health Training with Dr. Claudia Welch

  • Certified Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Health Coach  at Delight Academy

  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapist level I, II & III at Delight Academy

  • Living Ayurveda with Victoria Hyndman

  • Foundation on Ayurveda Module with Victoria Hyndman

  • The Path of Astanga Yoga at Delight Yoga

  • Yin Yoga and Anatomy Immersion with Jose de Groot

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Immersion with Kirsten Vikjord

  • Sva-Dharma Teacher Training at Delight Yoga

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