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Ayurvedic Consultation

€ 95,00Price
  • With an ayurvedic consultation I will help you to bring body, mind back in balance and support you with tools to maintain balance. Together we will look at your current situation considering diet, daily routine, lifestyle and social environment. With this personalised holistic sessions I will look at the imbalances and you will receive an advice that entails anything from food advice, mindful movement, lifestyle tips, herbal remedies, pranayama to meditation. I believe that living with intention is the most powerful medicine

    • Complete Ayurvedic assessment of your constitution (mind-body type)
    • Looking at the current constitution, diet and lifestyle choices causing imbalance
    • Pulse and tongue analysis
    • An individualised well-being plan with tools supporting your journey for optimal health, vitality, ease and creativity in all aspects of your life.
    • Ayurvedic Dinacharya, which refers to simple daily activities supporting your Doshic constitution.
    • If applicable, Ayurvedic herb and oil recommendations
    • If applicable yoga asanas and pranayama (breathing) practices to support body and mind 
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