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Oral Hygiene

In Ayurveda we look at the cycles of nature and base daily activities around these to establish balance and maintain health. You ever noticed upon awakening a white coat on your tongue and a not so pleasant breath? This is usually due to Ama, which is undigested stuff/ toxins, fungi, dead cells and food debris. During the night bacteria have ideal conditions to accumulate on the surface of our tongue, which is also the reason for bad breath.  If we don’t efficiently remove the toxins, bacteria then this can get absorbed by the body and lead to a weak immune system, digestive problems and further imbalances determined by Prakruti. It is associated with a number of other systems, the heart, lungs, reproductive tissues, pancreas and many more.

There are two excellent Ayurvedic practices you can do to clear out the ama. One is oil pulling and the other is tongue scraping. Below a few benefits for both and then the actual how-to-guide.

Oil Pulling

  • Oil pulling helps maintain a normal mouth pH and oral flora

  • cleans teeth

  • promotes healthy gums

  • Swishing oil promotes overall sinus health

  • removes tension in jaw and neck

  • brings moisture to the teeth,

  • removes toxins

  • hydrates skin

How To

  • put a tablespoon of oil into your mouth

  • swish the oil around for 10-15 minute

  • spit it out

  • rinse mouth

What Oil

  • sesame oil for all Doshas

  • if Pitta is high, then you wanna use coconut oil

Tongue Scraping

  • improves digestion

  • enhances taste buds

  • improves dental health

  • decreases gum infections 

  • clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue

  • stimulates internal organs (did you know that all organs can be seen at our tongue)

How To

  • hold the scraper with two hands on either ends

  • start scraping as far back on your tongues as possible while sticking out the tongue

  • clean the scraper with water 

  • repeat this action until no more coating is being removed

What Tongue Scraper I would suggest copper since it is antibacterial and antifungal. It is easy to clean and good for all three Doshas. Try to avoid plastic scrapers since the chemicals can be absorbed into your blood stream. 


During tongue scraping you might see white stuff coming off which is ama. By integrating this into your daily life you will see that the sticky white stuff gets less and your tongue gets more pink and healthy.


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