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The three Doshas

As previously mentioned every person is comprised of three energies that govern the functions of the body, the so called doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Every dosha is responsible for a set of certain qualities, both balanced and out of balance. Though everybody has all three energies the dominance of doshas in a person varies. Therefore Ayurveda emphasises on an individualised approach to be happy and balanced in your daily life by simply knowing your constitution. However a person can also have a combination of one or more doshas. 

VATA: The Energy Of Movement

Vata is the energy of movement and that which controls bodily functions associated with motion. It is made up of the elements of ether and air and its attributes are dry, light, cold, rough, subtle, mobile and clear. These energies have an impact for example on the circulation of blood, the spaces in between the in- and outbreath, as well as the spaces in between your thoughts. The seat of Vata in the physical body is the colon, the brain, ears, bones, joints, skin and thighs. Vata dominant individuals are rather thin, tall, quick thinkers with a creative flexible mind and seem to be doing too many things at a time. In the external world they tend to easily earn and spend money. Planning is not their strongest asset.

  • When in Balance: a great source of creativity and vitality, easy to grasp new ideas, highly active, alert 

  • When out of Balance: can easily forget things, fearful, anxious, impatient, easily distracted, ungrounded 

  • Balance Vata: Slow down, slow down, slow down!!! Focus on grounding and stabilising asanas. Prefer warm over cold foods, heavy and mildly spicy herbs. Also make sure you get plenty of sleep 

PITTA: The Energy Of Transformation

Pitta is the energy of transformation. It is made up of the elements of water and fire and its attributes are oily, hot, light, mobile, dispersing and liquid. Those with a pitta-dominant constitution have a strong metabolism, good digestion, strong appetites and warm bodies. It also is the source of transformation for our mood and thoughts. Pitta dominant individuals tend to be medium build and tend to excel in things with a competitive edge, such as sport and politics. They also tend to be leaders, attracting people in a magnatical way. When in balance, Pitta encourages contentment and intelligence. In the external world their qualities help them to be excellent leaders and planners. They tend to seek material prosperity.

  • When in Balance: intelligent, alert, good digestions, good power of comprehension, contentment

  • When out of Balance: jealousy, anger, aggressive, easily agitated, burn out, stress, skin rashes

  • Balance Pitta: Cool down, cool down, cool down!!! Stay cool and grounded. Focus on cooling foods such as greens and cold pressed juices. Eat cool, heavy foods and complement your diet with extra fruits and vegetables

KAPHA: The Energy Of Fluidity & Structure 

Kapha is the energy of fluidity and structure and gets translated to ‘that which sticks’. It’s made up of the elements water and earth. Its attributes are heavy, slow, cold, oily, dense, soft, static, cloudy and slimy. These energies help to control and build the physical body as well as to lubricate the skin and organs. Kapha dominant individuals tend to be heavy and strong with a slow metabolism. They dislike movement and prefer stableness. In the external world their qualities help them to earn and hold onto money. 

  • When in Balance: calm, tolerant, forgiving, loving, excellent long term memory

  • When out of Balance: greedy, lethargic, attachment, possessiveness, insecurity

  • Balance Kapha: Move, move, move!!! Try to exercise more, do not sleep too much, avoid dairy food, prefer light foods over heavy foods 

What Now?

Just have a moment to ‘digest’ the different qualities of all three Dosas and reflect to see how they relate to you. If you understand your constitution you will quickly notice changes in your daily routine, which will help you to strengthen the body, mind and consciousness - this eventually will lead to a happier, lighter and healthier life. To find out more you can always get in touch with me to schedule a consultation


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