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Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat

28 May - 2 June


Rose Mountain Retreat Center, Portugal


Waking up to the songs of hundreds of birds. The soft morning sun is caressing your face while you stretch and poor yourself a warm morning tea. Oh, this silence... so delicious.

You feel grounded and connected and at the same time joyous for the day ahead of you - where you get to relax, learn and laugh. You truly enjoy the yoga practices and the chance to dive into the wisdom of Ayurveda. Bit by bit you discover what you are all about.

The food is nurturing and delicious and you connect to the people around you from a place of wellness. There is time for silence and discovery and of course for fun and play. 


After 6 days you feel recharged and you take something home that is most valuable - a more true version of yourself.


6 Day Retreat

A co-creation with Karen van Ginkel


This retreat will be your safe ground to connect to your source and experience the healing qualities of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Empowering. Profound. Transformative. Heartfelt. Tender. Personal. Rejuvenating. Life-changing. Nourishing. Informative.


Ayurveda is a holistic system that encompasses body, mind and spirit. The main principle is that we are an expression of mother nature and are made of the five elements. Each and every single one of us has a slightly different distribution of the elements, which expresses in different qualities. 

The retreat will be a journey through the elements where each day, we will explore a different one: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. After the 5 days you will understand how the elements express in your body and how you can use food and lifestyle to adres imbalances that show up. How to life in sync with your nature. 

Whether you are just new to yoga, or you have been practicing for a while, this will be a safe playground for you. It will be an invitation to deepen your journey on your mat as well as your understanding in the Ayurvedic wisdom. 



starting from €995,- 

This includes, Food & Lodging, Ceremonies, Teachings, Yoga Classes and much more

Image by Ben Griffiths

A Typical Day

  • Wake up with the sun, surrounded by nature

  •  have a warm morning drink 

  • enjoy the silence

  • A yoga practice to let you experience the element of the day in your body

  • Breakfast

  • Relax at the pool or in the nature around you

  • Lunch 

  • An outdoor activity or more relax time; massages or private consults availabe

  • Ayurvedic workshop 

  • A grounding yoga practice

  • Dinner 

  • Closing the day

  • Silent evenings

What's included

The Workshops

  • Accommodation at the magical Rose Mountain Resort

  • Opening & Closing circle

  • 3x a day Ayurvedic soul food high in prana

  • 2 yoga classes a day (mornings more active and evenings slow)

  • Workshop: Basics of Ayurveda & how to apply in daily life

  • Workshop: Cooking and Ayurvedic diet

  • Cacao Ceremony & Mantras

  • Nature walks

  • Tea, fruit

  • meditation, pranayama

  • Retreat manual/ workbook

  • swimming pool & Sauna​

  • Optional: Massages

Basics of Ayurveda Workshop

This workshop will give you a profound introduction on Ayurveda, the Doshas, the five Elements and how they express inside & outside of ourselves. You will be introduced to tools you can apply at home and during the retreat to balance your individual constitution.


Cooking Workshop

Karen & I are super hands-on. So we also want to give you the hands-on experience to introduce you to some life changing cooking tips in the kitchen, exploring the spices and much more! Trust us once you get a hang of it, your cooking experience will never be the same again.

Not included

  • Flights to Portugal, suggested airport: Faro

  • Transportation to the retreat center (we can arrange it for you), a taxi from the airport is around €40, so assuming that you can share the ride with 2-4 fellow yogis/ yoginis you can expect it to be around 20 Euros. 

  • Optional activities like; massages and private consultations

Start & End of the Retreat

Arrival Day

The opening of the Retreat will be at 5pm, which is Day 1. There will be an opening ceremony and a Yin Class, helping you to land after your travels

Closing of the Retreat

We will officially close the retreat on Day 5, which is the day prior to the departure day, with ceremony supported by mother cacao. 

Departure Day

In  the morning on Day 6, there will be a Yin & Yang class at 8:30am of 1 hour preparing you for your travels either back home, or some more days of holiday in Portugal. After the morning class there will be breakfast and goodbyes.


About the Retreat Place

Set in the lucious green hills of the Algarve lies a hidden gem called Rose Mountain Retreat. The center consist of 60 hectare of forest nesting a beautiful house, several estheticaly designed tiny houses and 2 tipi's.


Already upon arrival you feel lighter, as if somethings falls off your shoulders. Looking around you see stunning veiws everywhere. You are Nature. The smell of the wild mountain rose completes the picture. This is the only place you want to be right now. 


Karen the founder of Tripti  discovered Rose Mountain Retreat in 2019, the year she permanently moved to Portugal. At first she fell in love with the owners, truly loving people that will do anything to make your stay perfect. And after visiting the place she knew; that this is the place where she wants to hold group retreats. Karen and I have held retreats before together in the Netherlands, and when she moved to Portugal we knew that soon we will together sit in a space holding retreats. We are super excited and proud to invite you to the magical hills of Rose Mountain retreat.

And - not unimportant :) -let's talk food! During your stay you will be spoiled with fresh Ayurvedic food prepared with love and understanding of the qualities of its ingredients. You'll learn what role food plays in the equilibrium of your system and get to experience the effects of well balanced meals yourself. Yum!


This retreat really opened my heart, I've learned to listen to my intuition and learned a lot about Aryuveda and how to integrate in in my daily life. It was so nice to start and end the day with yoga. Julia and Karen really paid attention to detail which made the experience really personal. Next to that the food was Amazing! Overall experience was magical!

Jessie P.


Tiny Houses

€ 1345

Double Room

€ 1245


€ 1145


€ 999

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